Vision10! meets Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH


Visions meet visions, this is how one could describe the joint workshop of Vision10! and Sennheiser Streaming Technologies. During the meeting, on 15.01.2020 in the Sennheiser premises in Hamburg, brainstorming was carried out, ideas were exchanged and forward-looking perspectives identified. The Vision10! initiative, represented by sympacon and the student consulting department of the University of Göttingen, met with open ears at Sennheiser with their idea of closely networked students, companies and institutions. The latter are particularly interested in the long-term gain of ideal employees due to their innovative ideas, which bring constant progress – exactly what Vision10! wants to achieve: a “best fit” for employees and employers.

The first step has been taken and we are pleased that we were able to inspire Sennheiser Streaming Technologies with Vision10!

Here’s to the next 10! years.