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Your long-term advantages as a student with Vision10!

  • People. Now. Tomorrow. – From the beginning of your studies (Now.) to the first years on the job (Tomorrow.) we accompany you with our mentoring.
  • You will be offered internships, working student activities and supervision of your final papers.
  • You will make professional contacts with exciting companies and build your personal network.

Your possibilities with Vision10!

Vision10! is a free opportunity for you to network with suitable companies. We offer you a wide range of interesting internships, working student jobs, theses and jobs.

With Vision10! you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about your perspectives and to make your first professional contacts right from the beginning of your studies. By getting to know companies at an early stage, you get the opportunity to apply and deepen your theoretical knowledge in practiceThis offers you the option of early, continued personal development and in addition to this, it provides you with an orientation for the further course of your studies.

Vision10! will introduce you to companies with exciting challenges. Especially in the smaller companies, which are often “hidden champions” in their field, you will be offered extensive individual development opportunities.

Boundless: Your progress is not limited to Germany, because through the Erasmus+ program we also offer you the opportunity to gain international experience.

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What can you expect?

At Vision10! we organize various events to promote the exchange between students, companies and universities. These events are ideal for obtaining opinions from experts, exchanging ideas and making contacts.

Examples of events are:

  • Presentation of the initiative during the introductory week
  • Exhibitions and labs at the universities throughout the academic year
  • Pitch & Pizza (for your Bachelor or Master thesis) by appointment

In the Vision 10! initative, mentoring means joint analysis and, if necessary, targeted and individual development of knowledge and skills.

In terms of the Vision10! guidelines, you will not be considered a temporary employee, but rather a valuable part of the company from the very beginning and will be integrated in a respectful manner. Vision10! offers you a partnership; a chance to take on exciting, practical challenges in addition to your studies.

I was active in the Vision10! initiative from April 2016 to June 2018, wrote my second bachelor thesis within the initiative; I was also responsible for China Competence and gained additional insights into the IT consulting business.

 Today, I am working as a Product Owner / (Software) Quality Assistant at Germany’s largest internet agency, Team Neusta.

Polina Yakovleva

team neusta GmbH

From October 2016 to July 2018 I worked with Vision10! Within the scope of my bachelor thesis I was able to win numerous contacts for interviews. As a working student I also gained versatile insights into the IT consulting business.

Today I work as a consultant for SAP Business Intelligence.

Tonio Japing

I study Information Management and Information Technology at the University of Hildesheim.

Through Vision10! I got a working student job at Quanto TS in 2019. There I am still working as an SAP developer.

Tjerk Helbig

I was active at Vision10! from 2014 to 2016, working as a student assistant. Today I work as a research assistant for the German Bundestag.

Lisa Masthoff

Deutscher Bundestag

From March to September 2015 I was active at Vision10! I did an internship at Sympacon and worked there as a working student afterwards. For my bachelor thesis in the field of project management I was able to rely on competent contacts. Today I am an analyst at the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Anna Winkler

Deutsche Bundesbank

I was active at Vision10! as an intern in 2019, directly after my high school graduation. Now I study medical physics at the Martin Luther University in Halle.

Hannah Kramer


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