Promoting innovation transfer between universities and companies.

Our network offers you as a university the following advantages:

  • You have access to numerous companies via a single communication channel (“Single Point of Contact”).
  • You become more attractive and approachable to students and receive more applications.
  • You can cooperate with companies to integrate business practice into your teaching.

Find practical partners for your theory.

Through it’s strong network, Vision10! helps universities to further develop transfer strategies into the industry.

Universities train the skilled workers of tomorrow. In view of this, it is important to always address and teach current and sought-after topics and to transfer them to society and the industry.

Pending further expansion, universities are simultaneously given international access to many companies via one communication channel (SPoC = Single Point of Contact). This enables the development and conduction of joint research projects between educational institutions and new business partners.

The scope and quality of research done by participating universities is improved through cooperation and collaboration, whereby more real data can be used, negating reliance on test data.

Thanks to a large number of business partners, universities can develop and offer high-quality practical seminars. In addition, valuable information on the content and orientation of teaching can be gained through constant feedback. This promotes both the topicality and the attractiveness of the courses offered by the participating universities.

For universities, the Vision10! initiative also presents an attractive marketing platform due to its reach and networking – especially for newly offered study programs.


The Clausthal Executive School (CES) is the scientific training academy of the Clausthal University of Technology. A new feature is the extra-occupational and location-independent study program “Intercultural Leadership and Technology”. This English-language Master’s program is aimed at young executives and qualifies them for international careers in a global working environment. The program is aimed at developing skills in the areas of leadership, engineering and IT sciences, and intercultural competence. It is thus aimed at specialists in engineering and natural sciences as well as business administration.

You can find out more here!

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfau

Scientific Director CES, TU Clausthal


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