People. Now. Tomorrow.

Vision10! thinks with a wide lense

IT skills shortage, digital transformation, regional development, challenges in Europe.

How can this be combined? The Vision10! initiative is our answer to this. The 10 stands for the 10-year perspective in which we think.

Students, universities and business enterprises are closely linked and together form a strong network:

  • Inspiring IT students and opening new doors.
  • Building bridges to future IT professionals.
  • Promoting innovation transfer between universities and companies.

In a forward-looking ambition of 10 years, we connect science and business. We promote transparency about the competencies of universities, scientific institutions and companies. We integrate locally available solutions and create national and international opportunities for cooperation between companies, and students.

We support the exchange and cooperation of scientists and students with the participating companies through a variety of real and virtual events forms. In doing so, we use the existing competence and experience of the participating partners, adapt existing successful formats to the different regions and, if necessary, develop innovative new formats.

Vision10! is powered by

The Consulting Team e.V. is the student consultancy at the Georg-August-University Göttingen and the Technical University Clausthal. A total of 70 students form an interdisciplinary team by combining technical, economic, scientific and humanities courses of study.

sympacon is a specialist for services around the complete life-cycle of SAP systems. Sympacon works internationally and cross-sectorally for a large number of globally operating customers.