TU Clausthal: New extra-occupational Master program INTERCULTURAL LEADERSHIP AND TECHNOLOGY


The Clausthal Executive School (CES), is the scientific training academy of the Clausthal University of Technology. Enrollment in the new part-time and location-independent course of study “Intercultural Leadership and Technology” for the winter semester is still possible until October 15, 2020.

This English-language Master’s program is aimed at young executives and qualifies them for international careers in a global working environment. The program is aimed at building skills in the areas of leadership, engineering and IT sciences, and intercultural competence. It is thus aimed at specialists in engineering and natural sciences as well as business administration.

Due to EU funding, the first 20 approved applicants will be granted a 20,000 euro tuition waiver for the entire course. If you are interested in the course of studies, you can obtain further information at info@ces.tu-clausthal.de or via the Clausthal Executive School website www.ces.tu-clausthal.de/en/.